laNeva Artisan Tile is a curated collection of exclusive tile designs, which come to life at the hands of skilled artists around the USA. Click on the following categories, or the pull-down menu above to see our tile offerings.

Handmade Ceramic

Thick, beautifully unique ceramic tile, rolled, cut and glazed by hand. Offering all of our solid color and Rift glazing options. Mesh mounting also available. Completely custom, this is the laNeva original that started it all.

Modico Molded Ceramic

Thin, uniform, molded tile bodies meet the artist's hand for the glazing and firing process. Available in all of our solid color and Rift glazing options, in a variety of standard sizes and trim pieces. Great for commercial or more contemporary projects.


An incredible depth of color and extra large scale make these glass tile show stoppers. Inspired by laNeva's own Rift glazing on ceramic, these GLASS tiles create a Rift Design like nothing else.

Beetlekill Pine

Ugly-duckling-turned-beauty-queen, this waste-wood product is used to create a gorgeous, naturally unique tile that is graced with streaks of grey, purple and even wine color.

Cast Bronze

The ultimate in timeless beauty, bronze will outlast all of us. These high-relief, contemporary patterns will wow even the most discerning art collector among you.

All of our products are available for retail purchase or through the trades. If you need assistance with a personalized layout, please contact us for a design consultation.