laNeva GLASS Tile is an extraordinary collection of fused art glass. Created exclusively for laNeva Tile by renowned glass artist Peter Zelle, the vibrant colors, delicate, layered texture and incredible sparkle of our glass is juxtaposed by the large scale of our tiles.

Available in 8 luscious color combinations,  laNeva GLASS is truly a must-see glass tile.

laNeva GLASS  Specs:

  1. Thickness: approximately 1/2"
  2. Back-painted white for a crisp installation
  3. Approved for vertical installations  including pools, fountains and frost locations
  4. 6-8 week production lead time
  5. Solid color tile and custom colors available
  6. Samples available through laNeva Tile

Available in 5 component sizes:

See our GLASS launch blog post for more gorgeous pics of laNeva GLASS Tile.  Read about the incredible glass making process and contact us to see if there is a dealer in your area or how to recommend one to us.