Top 4 Reasons laNeva Tile is NOT For You

Although we'd love for everyone to have laNeva Artisan Tile gracing their bathroom, kitchen backsplash, fireplace or reception area, we know that our handcrafted tile is not for everyone.

How do you know if laNeva tile is NOT for you? The following questions might help you decide: 


1.) You want tile that is uniform in color, texture and size.

Our tile collections are made by hand, and have the subtle variation in size, color and texture that is inherent in all handmade product. If you prefer smooth, flat and completely uniform tile, we refer you to any of the beautiful machine-made tile that is being produced and is available at tile showrooms and home improvement stores across the country. 

If you prefer the warmth and energy that only handmade products can bring, plus the satisfaction that you are supporting local artists and small businesses, then maybe laNeva Tile is the right fit for you. 

2.) You need tile today (or rather, yesterday) and can't wait for it.

Each laNeva Tile collection (GLASS, Cast Bronze and Beetlekill Pine) is made by hand, per order and is not pre-made or stocked. It takes time to produce and finish each piece by hand, and while many times it can be shipped earlier, our standard lead times range from 4-6 weeks for Beetlekill Pine and to 10-12 weeks for GLASS and Cast Bronze.

We're happy to help you plan your tile design for not additional charge. Whether it is all laNeva Tile or a combination tile manufacturers, we'll make sure every detail is considered, you approve of the final design and and there are no surprises upon installation. This is just one of the value-added services we offer to make sure you are completely satisfied and your handmade tile will be well worth the wait. 

3.) You need a field-tile for floor use. 

Our three laNeva tile collections are approved for all interior wall uses. That being said, there are some specific floor applications where laNeva COULD be used.

laNeva GLASS and Beetlekill tile can be used as an accent on a low-traffic floor such as a residential bathroom or powder room. Both have the possibility of scratching and are not warrantied, but it can be done. 

Upon special request, we can also design custom pieces in our Cast Bronze collection to be used on any floor location, but our two current high-relief designs cannot be approved for floor use. Please contact us with specific questions regarding your installation. We're happy to draw a collection of tile designs to fit the unique requirements of your project. 

4.) You need to meet a $10/SF (or less) budget.

laNeva Tile is a luxury, high-end tile and while we work with many different budgets, there are times when not even a decorative border or dot accent tile can fit the bill (literally).We understand that our handmade tile is not for everyone at every time, so we hope you come back to us next time you are in the market for handmade tile, or please refer a designer, architect or friend who may be interested in a unique look that is unlike anything you will find at a big-box store.


Thanks for your continued interest in laNeva Artisan Tile.  Please contact us with any questions, to order a sample, or to discuss whether laNeva Tile is the right fit for your project.