[laNeva NEWS] Announcing The Cast Bronze Collection

Announcing laNeva Cast Bronze Tile!

laNeva Cast Bronze Collection

Available in 2 patterns, in 3 glaze options, these substantial, high-relief tiles are designed by Lisa La Nasa at laNeva Tile and exclusively handmade and finished by artists at Hixwerx in St. Paul, MN.

Creating cast bronze is a very time-consuming and labor intensive process.

Clay ModelsJune2014-1of3

A clay sculpture needs to be made of the desired design (pictured above), then using this sculpture, a closed sand mold is created and the clay sculpture removed (below).


Molten bronze is poured into the sand mold, filling all the space left by the clay. After the mold is cooled, it can be opened and the excess bronze material such as the pour spout and overfill cut off (tiles just out of the mold pictured below).

10494918_702316683174083_4866136899350176834_olaNeva Bronze Before Finishing

Then the tiles are chiseled, sanded and filed to create a uniform look. The patina is applied by hand and finally a wax coating is added to protect the applied patina and prevent oxidation.

laNeva Cast Bronze Tile Specifications:

6"x 6" square

High-relief thickness ranges from 1/4"-1/2" thick

Glaze options: Burnished Black, Citrine (Golden Green) and Oxide (Reddish Brown)

4 lbs each

For indoor or outdoor installations

Made and finished by hand in St. Paul, MN


Dust with soft cloth and/or soft brush. Re-wax to protect tile from oxidation and natural green patina when needed/desired. Can be stripped and re-waxed if buildup occurs. Follow maintenance directions for any fine bronze sculpture, such as this: http://www.mcbridegallery.com/careofbronze.html

laNeva Tile Collections:

We are proud to include these magnificent bronze tiles in the exclusive family of laNeva designs, joining the collections of our original Handmade Ceramic, RIFT SeriesModico Ceramic, Beetlekill Pine and GLASS tile .

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