Lineal Border Launch: Day 4

Are we having fun yet or what?

After two days of transitional patterns with subtle color, yesterday we introduced you to the super-bold design of Marching Orders.  Keeping with the theme of modern, bold designs, we have one more.  This pattern has been a huge success already with our Mondrian blog post and rendering from  last February.  Introducing laNeva's  next Lineal Collection border, which we shall simply call Composition Six.

(If you want an up close and personal view, click on any image)

This is another bold and graphic pattern for laNeva Tile, utilizing the primary colors so common in DeStijl artwork.  DeStijl in Dutch means "The Style" and is the name of the artistic movement that was headed by the famous Piet Mondrian in the early 20th century. This design is as much about the blocks of color as it is about the patterns that are created by the grout lines.

Composition Six is shown here using the following laNeva Solid Colors:

  • 1"x 6" liner bars and 1"x 2" Background Color: #31 Snow
  • 1"x 2" & 2"x 2" Accent Colors: #68 Twilight, #84 Siren, #73 Butter, #24 Steel
  • 4"x 4" Accent Colors: #84 Siren, #73 Butter

Finished with a dark gray colored grout.

This border measures approximately 10-1/2" tall, 3/8" thick and is sold mesh mounted in 12" lengths or in a 12"W x 10-1/2"H panel with overglazed (finished) edges.  There is a semi-random repeat using the DeStijl layout concept and these size components shown.

One method to create a completely different look with Composition Six is to use lighter grout for the installation. Alternately, the pattern could be constructed in a more subdued color scheme using  #95 Lichen, #68 Twilight and#92 Mist Crackle, or you can choose any of laNeva's Solid Color tiles for a personalized creation.

Want to see the first 3 designs in the Lineal Series? Mondays post featured the release of Bamboo Forest. Tuesday we launched Herringbone Classico and Wednesday was the uber-bold, Marching Orders.

And finally, if you want the general skinny on our Lineal Collection, here's how it works:

laNeva Tile's "Lineal" border collection is a series of 6 pre-designed, mesh-mounted borders of our most popular patterns. Since you choose the colors and combinations, your border can be as contemporary or traditional as you'd like.

We provide the detailed drawings and the color examples and you personalize the design with our choice of any of our solid color glazes. It's still a custom design made just for you, but with no pricing surprises and a faster lead time. What's not to like with that?

Our final two Lineal Collection borders will be featured Friday and Saturday, using our luscious Rift Series tiles.  These will tie into a special product announcement on Monday. Oh, we can't wait!