A Year of Thankfulness

Years ago, I found a set of books called "Simple Abundance".  It is one of those daily inspirational books that gives you a sometimes overly-cheery page to read and ponder every day.  While this sunshine-y book has long since been relegated to a storage box somewhere, the concept, and its accompanying  "Journal of Gratitude" made a  lasting impression on me. As we approach yet another Thanksgiving, it is natural to reflect on what this past year has brought to our lives. What things are you expressing gratitude towards? I ask that you start a list, as the Journal of Gratitude suggests, and pay attention.  This can be just a few items per day and start with the easy ones such as health, family, a job, a home.

Better yet, when your Thanksgiving guests arrive, let them know you'll be asking them to think of an example  for which they are thankful. Provide slips of paper for your guests to write down one item (or more) and then anonymously place these in a bowl to read before you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.

It's a simple gesture that will have you all thinking about the richness of good company, abundant food and a thankful spirit. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!