Weekend Creativity Challenge #10

Since this is the last installment of laNeva's Weekend Creativity Challenges, a recap of the last nine weeks is in order. We have focused on bringing you ideas to spark your creativity and get you to think outside the box. This freedom of thinking is a benefit in so many areas of life, problem solving being just one.

CalendarWeek #1: How does it make you Feel?

Week #2: Fun with Paper!

Week #3: Dictionary Diving

Week #4: Combinations of Color

Week #5: Naming Color

Week #6: List of 100

Week #7: Child's Play (for Grown ups)

Week #8: Look Up

Week #9: Creativity Journal

In their simplest terms:

Weeks #1, #4 and #8 asked you to observe and evaluate things that you may never have before.

Week #3, #6 and #7 asked you to think creatively with words.

#1, #4 and #5 were about color

#2, #7 and #9 had to do with paper (folding, drawing and cutting/pasting, in that order.)

Most were easy, just taking a few minutes. The exceptions are #6 and #9 which are techniques that are more lasting and ongoing. Since discovering the list of 100, I have made several and have found that a very valuable brainstorming tool.

All have challenged you to think about the world around you in a different way. We at laNeva have gained useful tools through the process and we hope that you also have a clearer vision of some techniques to call upon should you need them. Thanks for following!