Weekend Creativity Challenge #9

Creativity Journal: As the world moves paperless, a physical creativity journal seems more luxurious than ever. I urge you to consider creating this one small luxury, though.  It's not wastefulness, but resourcefulness and a lot more engaging than a list of bookmarks on the computer.

We all need a place where we can keep photo or article clippings from magazines that inspire us.  Then, when we need a boost of creativity, just open up this book and see the items that you connect with on an emotional level.

When starting a new interior design project, I urge my clients to look for photos of spaces, items or colors that inspire them- or even the opposite, that they do not like - in an effort to pinpoint their style.  Even if they cannot actually verbalize what they are looking for in a space, the visual cues help the process immensely.

So, when you pick up a magazine and something really speaks to you, cut it out, paste it into a book or put it in a 3-ring binder. Be sure to write why you like a photo or object, as I have done.  This really helps you connect with the emotion you had upon first finding the photo.  Try it.  A Creativity Journal  can be a beautiful little window to your psyche.

Note: Next week, week #10 is the last Weekend Creativity Challenge. Stick around for our next series to be announced shortly.