Weekend Creativity Challenge #8

looking up

Look Up:

So simple.  Look up this weekend.

We are all so hung up on our everyday lives that we walk through the day looking straight ahead, or even worse, at the ground.  Well, you're missing 180 degrees of perspective.

Look at the trees.  Note the individual leaves and the shape of the branches.  Notice the color and texture of the wood.

Look at the sky.  What color is it?  What type of clouds do you see?  (Do you remember the names for the types of clouds? ) What do the clouds look like?

If you're in a city, look at the buildings.  Are there balconies or windows, fire escapes or solid walls? What color and texture are the buildings?  Imagine what happens inside of them.

Inside? Look at the ceiling.  What color and texture is it?  Is it grand or low, detailed or plain? How about the light fixtures?

Look up.  See what there is to see.  Acknowledge the things that you are too busy to notice most days.  Look up.