Weekend Creativity Challenge #5

Naming Color: Everyone seems to think the job of naming colors (whether it is paint colors or cosmetics) would be so easy.  I beg to differ. Sure, you could come up with a handful of names, maybe even 100, but thousands? No wonder why the names get a little crazy sometimes. What colors are Briarwood, Pilgrim Haze or Victorian Trim?? All found in my Benjamin Moore Color Preview paint deck.

This weekend's creativity challenge: Choose a color that appeals to you.  (Possibly the same as Week 1's Creativity Challenge).  Think about naming that color. Define it first, if needed.  Is the color warm or cool, happy, meloncholy, fresh, rich, enveloping?

My color from week 1 is a retro lime green.  How would I name it? Start off simple and get more complex: Lima, Key Lime, New Grass, Brady Green, Galactic Green, Neon Goo... you get the idea.

Now, it's your turn. How many names can you develop? How unusual can you get while still describing the color?