Weekend Creativity Challenge #4

Combinations of Color

This weekend's creativity challenge is to think of color in various and unusual combinations. Which colors feel good together and which feel dissonant?

The basic color wheel is made up of  three primary colors, three secondary colors and six tertiary colors.  It gets better though:  If you draw a line straight across the wheel, you get complimentary colors that seem to make each other stronger and more vibrant.  Think red and green for example.

In the upper midwest of the United States (and in other geographical areas I am sure) we tend to shy away from color.  I have seen it numerous times in my Interior Design business where a homeowner will "love" color, but yet is only comfortable using vibrant colors in kids room, or when combining as an accent against a more neutral backdrop.

This weeks challenge is to consider some different combinations of color within interiors: orange/blue (complimentary), primary colors, tertiary combinations. Think outside the box and BE CREATIVE! Do you like the following photos?  Why or why not?

Photo by Wesley Rose for Elle Decor