Weekend Creativity Challenge #1

While the Creativity Challenge was started on the laNeva Facebook page, after the first week, it grew too large to host there- thus the move to laNeva's blog. Here is the first Creativity Challenge backdated to the original post date. Creativity Challenge for the weekend: (I'll start off easy) Look around your house and choose one color that you really love. What makes it "feel" so good to you? Leave a comment when you've found it!

Comments included:

"Brick red, pretty much the same shade we had in one room in our condo in SF. Earthy, rich, warm..." from Heather M.

"My dining room & kitchen are a very pale sage green. I can sit in my living room and just look at the walls. They are so peaceful." Marita R.

"My foyer is a color that I think is called 'Blue Heron' and I love it! It feels summery, colorful, elegant, and cheery all at the same time." Mary Ellen G.

Excellent- Thanks everyone!! My favorite is a lime green. I am partial to greens, but this one is a spectacular mix of kitchy retro and summer freshness. It makes me feel energized yet comfortable. It's been a favorite of mine for the last 10 years.

The "Weekend Creativity Challenge" is going to be an ongoing feature here. Stay tuned for the next challenge!