Tile Designs Around Town #2

WHAT: Exterior Entryway of a 1960's modern Apartment Building

TILE USED: 1"x 1" glass, multi-colored and frosted.

Always on the lookout for interesting tile designs and applications, this is one found on a recent travel adventure. Tucked under a wide entry overhang, this large-scale tile design is an unexpected treat considering the building is a mere 5 units.  Using 8 total colors of glass tile  with a few small areas of surprise contrast, the wall design reminds me of a flat, simplistic version of an avant garde El Lissitzky (Russian Constructivist) painting circa the 1920's.

That's my BA in Art History paying off right there...

Well, I am not about to get into an in-depth comparison of the two artists, as they are very different, with incredibly different mediums, but it is a fun comparison nonetheless.  My introduction to the works of El Lissitzky came through an Interior Design Studio class and the discussion of Constructivist Architecture.

What inspires you?  What do you see in your everyday environment that strikes a chord with you? Sometimes people have a hard time recognizing what they like but can easily identify what they DON'T like. Today, you are hereby challenged to look more closely at your everyday environment and find one unexpected art object, pattern, color or complex shape that really appeals to you.

Notes: Click any of the pics for a closer look. Also, I really don't like using wiki links, but there is some great background info.  If you know of a better source, leave a comment.