Hydroment Grouts and Adhesives

We frequently use and recommend Hydroment grouts due to the extensive color line and availability in our area.

We are even more thrilled to be using products that come from a company dedicated to low emissions and  the LEED  standards for building a  more environmentally friendly (ie: "Green") building.

Hydroment by Bostik publishes a "Low VOC  Product Portfolio" that lists the products and 4 different methods of VOC measurement.  Kudos to Hydroment for the for the incredibly in-depth information, although it can be quite confusing for the layperson.

Hydroment's 4 levels of VOC measurement are:

  1. Product VOC Weight percentage
  2. NAHB Model Green Home Guideline (based on the California Air Resource Board VOC levels)
  3. Product VOC g/L
  4. US Green Building Council LEED-NC/LEED-H Standard (based on South Coast Air Quality Management District VOC Levels) g/L

You catch that? Whew!  This is to no fault of Hydroment but rather the multiple "green" standards in existence today (and why it is difficult to distinguish the shades of  "Green" and easy for companies to take advantage of this- but that is for another time.)

We applaud the commitment of the Hydroment brand and look forward to other companies in the grout/sealants/coatings market following suit.