How I love thee, Schluter Strips!

Schluter strips, a long staple of the commercial floor covering world, are making their way into contemporary residential tile installations.  I am elated!  These little pieces of German engineering are a great accent to floors and walls, in both functional and decorative tile applications.  I used them a few years ago in a custom tile design and couldn't have been happier with the final result. Alongside all of the mosaic stripes, as well as along each vertical 90 degree angle, we have a small aluminum Schluter strip, in profiles "Deco" along the mosaic stripes and "Jolly" as an edge finishing profile. While they add complexity to the installation, this was not a simple design from the start. These little strips of metallic glory are the perfect accent to create a very unique contemporary tile project.

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While the small mosaic tiles shown here are glass, this design would be fabulous with laNeva's 1x1's or 1x2's. Order them mesh mounted and have your installer cut into 1" wide strips.  It's easier than installing them one by one!