Why Buy Handmade?

Truth is, there are plenty of mass-produced, machine made tiles out there for less. Why would I choose handmade tiles?

Handmade tiles have character, depth of color, and an energy that is simply unattainable with machine made tile.

Our artisan hand crafted tile is produced in small batches, made specifically for your order. We can switch colors on any of our standard sizes and patterns for no additional cost. Ask any of the big mass production companies to do that- they can’t.

Our tiles are produced in the USA to exacting standards. They do not come from China, or Mexico or elsewhere in the world like many other “handmade” tiles do. We create US jobs and our product meets many GREEN standards not only because of the materials we use and our lead-free content, but also for the shortened shipping distances of both our raw materials and final product.

In addition, laNeva Tile reuses and recycles wherever possible. Our finished tiles are packed using re-used boxes and packing materials. We also ship our orders using UPS, the greenest of the major shipping options.

We feel strongly about our customers, the environment and our tile product.  Handmade is good for all.