Is Lead-Free Important?

All of our tile glazes are certified lead free. The handmade tile industry is moving towards going totally lead free, but there are still glazes available - and commonly used today - that contain lead. Using all lead-free products is important to us because lead exposure can be very dangerous. We care about and want to protect the people who make your tiles. Using a glaze that contains lead means repeated exposure to this dangerous metal day after day.

Upon firing a tile, the lead content in the glaze becomes encapsulated into the hardened surface, but there is a possibility of lead dust being released upon cutting the tiles or ultimately demolition of the tiles - many, many years from now!

Lead content is also dangerous in the environment. Special precautions need to be taken during cleanup and disposal of raw glaze remnants that contain lead. Leaching into drinking water supplies can be an issue and lead content is harmful to animals the same as it is to humans.

It is true that lead glaze gives a much deeper color and more brilliance than lead-free. We understand, but our glazes are gorgeous, lead free and we’re not willing to put anyone (or our environment) in jeopardy.

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